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Granite Telecom: Building Seamless Communications for Multi-Location Companies

CIO VendorRob Hale, CEO When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in the 19th century, it marked the beginning of a communication revolution. Today the two wire copper loop and Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) has evolved to include multifarious forms of communication like video conferencing, instant messaging, social networking, voice-mail and fax. Keeping in mind the current globalised economy, seamless and effective communication is paramount for organizational success. In such a scenario, facilitating a collaborative working environment, Unified Communications (UC) is fast being adopted by corporations of all sizes, as it reduces latency in employee interaction, speeds decision making, and integrates systems in one environment for a comprehensive communication experience. According to forecasts by Markets and Markets, a research firm, Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) is expected to grow from $15 billion in 2015 to $25 billion in 2020. 11

Serving the demanding nature of a geographically dispersed communications market, Granite Telecom is the one stop shop for customized business communication services. Founded in 2002, today Granite Telecom has grown into a 1.4 million lines phone company, owing to their high quality and cost effective telecommunications services. Keeping-up with the pace of innovations in the telecom industry, Granite now offers dial-tone, infrastructure solutions, advanced data services, broadband, UC, and security services. “Our comprehensive solutions have allowed customers to significantly decrease the time, money, and resources they spend to manage their telecommunications,” says Rob Hale, Founder and CEO of Granite Telecom.

"Our comprehensive solutions have allowed customers to significantly decrease the time, money and resources they spend to manage their telecommunications"

A Competent Array of Communications Solutions

To keep businesses on the cutting edge of advanced communications, Granite's Velocity product suite is a combination of voice and data solutions. The company brings together the advantages of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking, and data aggregation services all from one provider. The suite comprises solutions like V², a scalable telephony solution and Velocity Advanced SIP Technology (VAST), a converged service that integrates with a client's IP communications network. The suite not only offers multiple carrier flexibility but provides advanced networking and significant cost savings.

aPME enhances the customer’s framework, takes the pressure off from the engineers, and simplify the provisioning of their UC system

Another product by the company which supports network monitoring as well as a variety of voice and data services is the Grid. Granite’s private MPLS network supports the Grid using high speed fiber connectivity. “With our Grid offering, we install a fiber-based network at a particular location—for example, a shopping mall—and then deploy a connection that is 1 Gigabits," states Hale. The Grid utilizes Cisco equipment and Granite-supplied fiber connections to deliver the flexibility customers need to scale their bandwidth. “Whether it is two phones and a credit card machine or ten cameras and a media center, the Grid is fully customizable and continues to grow with the constant introduction of new technologies.” Additionally, Granite's Network Operations Center (NOC) consists of a team of consultants that deliver around the clock support and can be reached using a direct line, a support email distribution or an online portal where services are monitored. Since the Grid is a privately owned network, it offers feasible install and repair Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Granite also designs its Grid locations to preserve a tenant’s critical application connectivity in case of an outage.

The company recently secured 100 shopping centers with its Grid offering which was implemented by some of largest mall operators including Simon Property Group, General Growth Properties, Macerich and Taubman. The Grid enables mall operators to provide tenants with scalable bandwidth and reliability, a functionality not observed in a traditional Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), cable or T1 connections. By plugging into the Grid, mall operators and retailers now have access to an advanced suite of voice and data products combined with Granite’s support and billing platform.

“With our unmatched customer service and highly flexible billing solution, Granite Grid is emerging as the dedicated bandwidth solution of choice for malls, technology parks, hospital campuses and more,” remarks Hale.

Always at the forefront of innovation, Granite believes in molding their technology offerings to suit and adapt to a client’s need. In one instance, a customer approached Granite with a complicated request to consolidate their billing across all 50 states. “The request was outside of our business model, but we adapted and saw an opportunity to better serve our customers,” Hale adds.

Customer First Approach

Always exceeding customers' expectations, Granite's iMeet and GlobalMeet are cost-effective solutions that address all web, audio, and video conferencing needs. While iMeet's productivity tools like chat, meeting notes, and recording consistently stores information, GlobalMeet offers feature rich audio and web conferencing from a single product.
The company also holds unique expertise in multi-site and multi-service networks which renders Granite as the ideal choice for projects that require an in-depth and hands-on understanding of network planning and deployment. For a prominent casual dining restaurant chain, the client required a solution that would streamline and ensure the stability of all their voice and data services across the organization; along with design, implementation and ongoing support of all phone systems, and cabling throughout their 1,500 restaurants. Granite was responsible for coordinating with Local Exchange Carrier (LECs) to install the broadband circuits, cabling technicians, customer site contacts, lifts and shipment of materials to site. Granite also provided cables, complete phone connectivity, computers, Point of Sale (POS) devices, wireless access points and peripheral equipment.

Dedicated to client satisfaction, Hale asserts that, “We have no term contracts and our reputation for exemplary customer service stands as our priority, while increasing performance and reducing costs.” Offering one point of contact for managing a client's account, the company offers services to challenges that erupt regardless of whether it is in broadband, structured cabling or systems installations. Furthermore, Granite's Rock Reports offer detailed account billing and analysis with no hidden charges and in a single consolidated bill. Granite is eBonded with the major underlying carriers where the company's computer systems directly interact with the carrier's systems to automate high-volume transactions, resulting in faster, more accurate ordering and trouble reports. “Our UC solutions for POTs and VoIP local and long-distance voice services called 'L2 Bundles' come in flat-rate prices that include line charges, local and long-distance usage and standard business class features,” explains Hale.

On one occasion, Granite provided a consolidated communication solution to one of the world’s largest financial institutions to convert nearly 50,000 POTs lines to Granite’s platform. “After the migration, we analyzed the lines and found we could disconnect over 3,600 lines and produce monthly savings of almost $162,000 in addition to identifying and eliminating unused features, saving another $250,000 per month,” informs Hale.

Innovation all the Way

Constantly developing their MPLS network, VoIP and wireless offerings, the company will continue to enhance their offerings in the future. “Granite’s customers want innovative solutions and we will be there to provide those solutions going forward,” points out the CEO. With wider information sharing, and growth in communications data, investment in UC is only expected to escalate, especially with the mobile workforce that is constantly connected. According to a recent Forrester research, fewer than 40 percent of organizations systematically capture input from their employees while 70 percent of information workers confirm that their job requires them to engage with customers. Successful UC programs hold the potential to transform a business and recognizing the infinite scope for growth, Granite will continue to hone their products and services, in line with the company's mission to emerge as the number one communications company in the market.
- Sandeepa Majumdar
    December 09, 2015