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Shabtai Adlersberg, President and CEO, audiocodesShabtai Adlersberg, President and CEO
Many enterprises across the world are overwhelmed by the proliferation of communication networks and devices. This proliferation has created a broad spectrum of communication tools, to name a few, voice, video, internet and emails. Managing these various tools can be expensive and time consuming for resource strapped enterprises. The result, more organizations turning to Unified Communications. By merging multiple modes of communication and data sharing into a single IP-based infrastructure, UC offers advantages to organizations, making it easier and faster for employees, partners, and customers to exchange ideas and information, ask questions, participate in remote meetings, and access data. AudioCodes, based out of Israel, founded by Shabtai Adlersberg, designs, manufactures and sells advanced VoIP and converged VoIP and data networking products and applications to service providers and enterprises. “IP is a method of transmitting information over the network in information packets", says Adlersberg. “AudioCodes enables the combination of picture, voice and data on the same infrastructure, using cost-effective and efficient network technology. Anyone wanting to construct service baskets that combine all these types of services will have to transmit them on a single network”, extols Adlersberg.

Identifying the key business challenges is important for the success of deploying any Unified Communication solution. UC’s have to face hurdles like running an initial research, recruiting knowledgeable staff, managing multiple global locations, focusing on the long term, finding the right features and especially, an effective security. Voice transmission on IP network currently suffers from two main problems- loss of information packets, and their failure to reach their destination on time. These are harmful to voice quality.In order to overcome the problem, AudioCodes develops a condenser called NetCoder that is capable of materially compensating for loss of information packets and improving sound quality.

AudioCodes enables the combination of picture, voice and data on the same infrastructure, using cost effective and efficient network technology

AudioCodes has maintained its customer’s satisfaction by developing such efficient products and solutions. Videocon d2h was running an array of contact centers across different regions in India supporting various local languages, to handle enquiries from new and existing customers. With a rapidly growing subscriber base, Videocon felt the need to adopt a more state of the art contact center solution which would ensure customer satisfaction with timely and efficient handling of calls. Videocon decided, it was time to move over to the latest communications technology to increase accessibility, while reducing management and operating expenses. Using Genesys, a fully IP-based contact center platform, Videocon d2h could build a highly distributed contact center with all the main servers located at a centralized data center in Greater Noida and agents located at remote sites across India. After a lot of research and analysis, the best answer to its stringent set of requirements was to deploy AudioCodes Mediant media gateways. AudioCodes media gateways offer wide-ranging interoperability and support for all major telephony protocols and interfaces. Videocon d2h could comfortably handle its current capacity needs and any future traffic growth as its subscriber base increases.

The company is in the process of developing a technology that will enable them to combine VoIP with rapid dial modems, for internet access. This combination will create a new generation of services, by means of which the consumer can obtain from the ISP telephony services in addition to surfing services. This server will be capable of integrating between the possibility of telephone calls and Internet access using the same communications system.