ESI Estech Systems: Re-imagining Business Communications

ESI Estech Systems: Re-imagining Business Communications

George Platt, CEO, ESI Estech SystemsGeorge Platt, CEO
With the movement to the cloud and mobile technology, organizations need communication solutions that are easy and user-friendly. ESI Estech Systems is striving to create a unified communications platform that provides the end-user with ease of use. George Platt, CEO of ESI, explains, “The biggest challenge for our market, now and in the past, is taking technology and making it easy for the end-user to use. That is part of our core value proposition, making products that are easy and intuitive to use.”

ESI brings a lot of experience to the table, having recently celebrated 29 years in business. They started off building software packages for the hotel/motel industry, and worked their way up to become a small PBX manufacturer. Now they manufacture their own phones and integrate those with their cloud-based unified communication platform. ESI is now a full SaaS-based communications service provider.

Of particular focus for ESI is the need for businesses to enjoy the convenience of traditional forms of communication in the new business environment where employees are part of the increasingly mobile workforce. Studies show there are companies that have 50 percent of their workforce working from home. How can companies take a worker who is working from home and make sure they are connected to the enterprise? The key is to embrace mobility in a way that supports the organization’s goals and objectives.

ESI does everything end-to-end, from manufacturing the phones to providing their cloud-based unified communication service and they manufacture those to work well together. What sets ESI apart is that they concentrate on the phone being an integral part of the solution.

ESI does everything end-to-end, from manufacturing the phones to providing their cloud-based unified communication service and they manufacture those to work well together

Their ePhone7 is a desk phone that has the capability of a mobile phone, including a fully functional touchscreen. The ePhone7 application software provides the user with location-based services to identify who is in the office and who is available for a call just by looking at the contacts list.

Platt describes their experience with one customer, “The big national companies want to provide their customers with the cheapest phones and one company said they couldn’t tell who was on the phone anymore. We showed them our phone and our location services and how they could see whether people were in the office or on the phone. They went with our solution.”

Add to this incredible rapport and trust with the customer and the best in-class customer support, and ESI has a winning combination. ESI provides aneHelp website with an extensive selection of videos, as well as a help button on their phone that they can touch to get the help they need. But ESI knows that all too well that they can only offer their customers such world-class support if they also support their employees and their community. ESI provides a fit-friendly workplace, scholarship support for employee children and first-scholars college students, and ongoing training and professional development. Platt says he leads with “confidence and persistence” and he plans to lead the company to from small- and medium- to large-enterprise customers and possibly an international presence.