ITsavvy: Delivering Seamless Unified Communication Environment

ITsavvy: Delivering Seamless Unified Communication Environment

Mike Theriault, President and CEO, itsavvyMike Theriault, President and CEO
The global economical context is shifting traditional ways of doing business to new and more efficient business models. Today’s business environment challenges CXOs to reduce costs and increase productivity. Sharing information precisely within time plays an important role in the process of directing and controlling businesses. While traditionally businesses relied on disparate communications technologies to relay information, the current scenario demands an integrated communication system to remain competitive and thrive. Unified Communications (UC) technology brings together unrelated communication systems and delivers simplified communication architecture. UC helps in connecting teams and information which enables effective collaborative experience whilst reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and ascending Return on Investments (RoI). The technology also offers sufficient flexibility to accommodate new developments. Fueled by Bring your own device (BYOD) policies and wireless technologies, UC makes businesses run smooth and helps converting discussions into decisions. With an upgrade to UC, a business can effectively integrate, monitor, manage and remediate communication infrastructure.

But finding common ground to disparate communication systems is not easy and the realization of UC into any business requires an expertise in the domain. Collaborating telephony, audio-video-web conferencing, messaging and mobile communications, ITsavvy helps clients in implementing UC into their system. This is achieved by streamlining communication systems by bundling them improving time efficiency. “We listen to the client’s challenges, assess their operations, and understand their strategies,” says Mike Theriault, President and CEO, ITsavvy. ITsavvy breaks down client’s communication barriers through its range of solutions varying from voice products, video conferencing, and mobility to custom-designed integrated communications.

We want clients to harness technology as a strategic tool for optimization, growth and competitive success

The solutions provided are carefully analyzed, client focused telephony and data solutions.

What differentiates ITsavvy is its Collaboration with technology leaders like Cisco, ShoreTel, and Mitel facilitating end-to-end support along with end-to-end solutions. It offers clients access to advanced technologies, with the best solutions in hand. The result is an alignment of separate systems into one network that can be easily managed and maintained. “We want clients to harness technology as a strategic tool for optimization, growth and competitive success,” reflects Theriault.

The customer story of one of the largest manufacturers of trucking equipment, headquartered in the United States, depicts ITsavvy’s expertise well. The client’s phone systems were a decade old and were from diverse manufacturers. The contemporary requirement was of a unified platform enabling inter-site calling. Using a virtual server, ITsavvy implemented a ShoreTel unified communications platform. Applications included in the platform were Workgroups, a VPN Concentrator and Mobility leading to one communication platform across all sites. The solution promoted site to site internal calling and improved communications for mobile workers. Coordinating the small differences in the configuration, ITsavvy was able to implement network upgrade within a span of a week.

ITsavvy is passionate about providing under budget solutions to clients. With strong vendor partnerships ITSavvy also helps in negotiating and pulling preferred client pricing. The UC platform is designed around client’s existing infrastructure to save upfront costs and the manufacturer-certified customer support helps in keeping operational costs in balance. This customer focused approach was well appreciated by industry when ‘The Better Business Bureau’ - a nonprofit organization focused on advancing marketplace trust - bestowed ITsavvy an A+ with zero complaints.