MITEL [NASDAQ:MITL]: The Gateway To Powerful Team Interactions

MITEL [NASDAQ:MITL]: The Gateway To Powerful Team Interactions

Richard D.McBee, President & CEO, MITEL [NASDAQ:MITL]Richard D.McBee, President & CEO In lesser than a decade, a huge influx of hyper-connected, tech savvy millennial generation will be walking through every office door across the planet; and they are not just tech-erudite, but habituated to staying connected anywhere and at any time, regardless of the location. The scenario demands a means to effectively communicate and collaborate with teams anywhere around the world. “Workplace and consumer communications are becoming increasingly centered on mobile devices with network users expecting instant and seamless access to services from anywhere,” says Richard D. McBee, President and CEO of Mitel [NASDAQ:MITL]. “At Mitel, our mission is to provide our customers with the most seamless and intelligent pathway and tools to communicate with their clients, partners and colleagues.”

Mitel is uniquely positioned to help businesses understand and gain the benefits of tying together different modes of communications with greater speed and simplicity. Mitel’s expansive portfolio of customer experience, mobility, and collaboration solutions provide a unified, comprehensive platform for business communications with high reliability and unprecedented freedom and flexibility, while helping them adhere to industry standards and policies.

Unified Communications Made Simple

Mitel has been delivering Unified Communications (UC) solutions for over four decades; today, the firm’s innovation and communications experts serve more than 60 million business users, and 130 mobile service providers and mobile carriers worldwide by providing a bridge between enterprise and mobile customers. Mitel prides itself on shaping up the next generation of team-and social-collaboration tools that extend beyond the office walls and break down communication silos.

“Our mission is to deliver highly intuitive, sophisticated, yet simple to use, solutions that match the needs of modern businesses”

The MiVoice Business UC platform from Mitel is a solution that is specifically designed to enable an organization’s employees to remain connected with colleagues and clients, regardless of the location or the device they chose to use. Integrating with today’s commonly-used applications such as Microsoft and Salesforce, MiVoice Business owns a flexible architecture that supports unified communications clients for mobile operating systems, such as iOS, Android, and BlackBerry. It also allows businesses to choose between resiliency and reliability options during the event of a network outage or hardware failure, while simultaneously offering communication efficiency and business continuity.

The core component in the Mitel’s MiVoice is the MX-ONE—a full-featured, multimedia communication server, which forms the foundation for collaboration in modern enterprises. It centralizes multimedia, Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) applications and mobility, into a single logical system or alternatively as networked systems across hundreds of geographically dispersed locations.
Since it is a “one-size-fits-all” communication platform, MiVoice MX-ONE can cater to different user requirements with customized solutions—each tailored to fit the individual user profile and situations. To date, MiVoice MX-ONE serves the UCC needs of a wide range of industries—travel, transport, education, manufacturing, healthcare, emergency services, public safety, local authorities, finance, and much more.

We have also been successful in converting our competitors’ legacy installed base to IP-based systems as well as deploying our systems in “greenfield” opportunities

Driving Real-time Collaboration

To drive business revenue and improve client interactions, Mitel offers MiCollab—a flexible, affordable, and integrated suite of real-time communication solutions to employees with all the tools they need to stay connected and work together efficiently and effectively. With MiCollab, employees can connect quickly and simply in collaboration sessions, whether planned or impromptu. Be it a conference call or collaboration session, activities are recorded, saved in standard formats, optimized for small file size, and distributed easily among the participants. Important files associated with the sessions are also placed in public or private storage locations for future retrievals, allowing session leaders to access the sensitive information during the web conference, share ideas and work together toward common project goals.

“Workplace and consumer communications are becoming increasingly centered on mobile devices with network users expecting instant and seamless access to services from anywhere,” says McBee. Mitel has been a proponent of the “mobile first” notion, where all of the relevant information and content is available for the team members to access from the cloud. Another new solution is MiTeam, a mobile-first team collaboration solution that includes real-time, native integration, and provides instant collaboration for screen sharing, content collaboration, and voice and video meetings. The unique collaboration and communication features are extended to participants outside the work environment, including customers and partners, and is designed with project- and topic-based workstreams.

Additionally, Mitel includes a core component—Unified Communicator Advanced, a software communications engine to converge the call control capabilities of the organization’s communications with contact management, dynamic status, and collaboration—promoting user agility as well as simplifying and streamlining administration.

Powering Connections

Connections make communications possible; Mitel is breaking the complex communication workflows and making connections easier—irrespective of the location—to share, discuss, and collaborate on documents and presentations, which in turn helps businesses make timely and informed decisions. Mitel makes real-time communications more intelligent and capable with advanced monitoring, analytics, and mass-notification tools.
To that end, Mitel’s Performance Analytics software proactively detects and addresses performance problems before they impact the user, with 24/7 monitoring, real-time alerts and testing tools—significantly providing a reliable business communication network performance and service quality. The Mitel Performance Analytics software is specifically designed to monitor and manage Mitel UC solutions, which allows businesses to perform proactive fault and performance management of Mitel devices, as well as monitor the third-party applications such as routers, servers, and voicemail.

In one instance, Firmdale Hotels, recognized for their high standards of excellence and unique townhouse style of decoration in London and New York, needed a management and monitoring tool that would assist the IT department in maintaining round the clock reliability to complement their existing Mitel communications infrastructure. The client chose to deploy Mitel Performance Analytics fault and performance management software not only for monitoring the performance of their systems, but also to manage devices from a single interface, without onsite visits—significantly saving time and travel costs. The system aids Firmdale’s customers in terms of enhancing the guest experience and avoiding frequent service interruptions. “By providing the necessary tools and interfaces, we are able to deeply integrate enterprise communications into business processes creating new efficiency and productivity benefits,” states McBee. “Our mission is to deliver highly intuitive, sophisticated, yet simple to use, solutions that not only match the needs of modern businesses but reflect the specific needs of the end user.”

Pure IP-based Communications

In addition, Mitel’s IP platforms are designed to act as both pure IP-based communications solutions and as gateways that enhance interoperability with a customer’s existing voice infrastructure and legacy devices, regardless of manufacturer. Leveraging over 30 years of expertise in deploying enterprise communications, Mitel is now an IP Communications product company that focuses on differentiating itself from competitors through the creation and deployment of customer specific vertical and horizontal applications. “In the migration of our existing customer base from legacy telephony systems to IP-based systems, we have experienced significant growth in the sales of IP Communications solutions,” affirms McBee. “We have also been successful in converting our competitors’ legacy installed base to IP-based systems as well as deploying our systems in “greenfield” opportunities.” The firm’s IP communications environment is growing by over one million ports annually—creating new efficiency and productivity benefits.

API: The Winning Idea

Per McBee, “The average IT organization cannot afford to rip and replace all the investments they’ve made over the years in existing communications systems and applications. They are now looking to Mitel for new unified communications applications as well as ways to integrate with collaboration applications, for example, Cisco and Microsoft that are delivered as a cloud service.”

A significant part of Mitel’s R&D is invested in application programming interface (API) technologies that will bring integration capabilities to the Mitel portfolio. As part of that effort, he concludes, “Mitel will be making investments in everything from bots that turn call centers into omnichannel platforms to mass notification applications that can be employed by emergency responders.”
- Banu John
    July 03, 2017