Mitel: Powering the Convergence of Communication Technologies

Mitel: Powering the Convergence of Communication Technologies

, mitel In this era of instant gratification, the need to communicate effectively and quickly has never been more important. Unified Communications (UC) has evolved from just being a long time trend to a ‘now investment and opportunity’ that enterprises are taking seriously. Various UC systems allow businesses to make fast decisions and transactions, and bequeath the users with the freedom to communicate at any required time. This convergence of communication applications by integrating real-time unified messaging, collaboration and interactive systems helps businesses significantly cut cost, radically simplify their communications architecture, deliver business agility, and build customer loyalty. Founded in 1972 by Michael Cowpland and Terry Matthews, Mitel has come a long way since its inception and powers more than two billion connections every day. It offers voice and unified communications as a service and cloud capabilities to organizations, so that they are not dependent on their hardware. “We are passionately focused on making communications and collaboration seamless - any way, any media, any device, any time,” says Richard D. McBee, President and CEO, Mitel.

Mitel offers industry-leading unified communications solutions for businesses of all sizes. The voice solutions can be explained into full, feature-rich UCC solutions and can be run on their proprietary hardware or on the customer’s servers through software. Furthermore, Mitel also offers voice and unified communication solutions as a service. One such product is MiCollab which delivers unified messaging, mobility, teleworking, and audio, web and video conferencing. Using this product, users can manage all collaboration tools using a single, user-friendly, web-based interface and experience integration with existing business applications. As a result, it reduces travel time and expenses and improves productivity on the customer end.

The company’s mission is to make communications and collaboration seamless, enabling one touch to connect in real time

There are many trailblazing customer stories which bring Mitel’s leading status in the UC arena to the fore.One such example is its collaboration with Carlsberg. Carlsberg has been working with Mitel since 1982. The first application Mitel helped Carlsberg was with the normal switchboard for the operators. They have also helped them with the new application called the CMG. Carlsberg has around 7000 extensions, which are both analog, digital and IP phones.
They saved around 38 percent Mitel has put equipments for Carlsberg in many countries and it has all been done very smoothly.

“The company’s mission is to make communications and collaboration seamless, enabling one touch to connect in real time,” explains McBee. ‘Do more with less’ has become the driving force for many businesses today. Mitel provides the right platform to manage communications and that makes all the difference in organizational productivity and flexibility. Mitel MiVoice UC platforms offer a range of communications platforms- from modular on premise solutions to a single, cloud ready software stream that supports a range of deployment models. The company has positioned itself as the convergence of real time enterprise communications with mobile and the cloud.

“The intersection of these three areas is where the next wave of innovation will come from,” he adds. Mitel has created a new platform called Mitel Next and an accelerator group to link real time communications with skills-based workflows into applications such as field service. Mitel hopes to bring true mobile capabilities back into each of its other businesses. The right platform to manage communications is a necessity which makes all the difference in organizational productivity and flexibility in response to the ever changing business environment. Mitel’s communications platforms have been helping businesses achieve that for more than 40 years.