NetFortris: A Forerunner in Cloud-based Voice and Data Networking Services

NetFortris: A Forerunner in Cloud-based Voice and Data Networking Services

Unified Communication has evolved from bulky, often unreliable systems to today’s streamlined and flexible cloud-based solutions. With this evolution, current CIOs need to help telco organizations to steadily evolve, while effectively leveraging the growing number of secure applications and unified communication programs. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, NetFortris is empowering telecom organizations with cloud-based unified communications, data infrastructure solutions, hosted productivity, specialized applications, and business devices. Leveraging trends, like mobility, the company facilitates organizations with video conferencing, virtual meetings and collaboration capabilities via mobile phones, desktops, laptops and any such electronic gadgets. “With these facilities embedded in our solutions, we help users to work seamlessly, connect, and collaborate through one unified platform that greatly enhances their efficiency,” begins Grant Evans, CEO, NetFortris.

The company’s multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) is a private, highly efficient, and cost-effective network communications solution that optimizes organizations’ network performance. By ensuring secure availability, which is overseen by the company’s systems administration specialists, NetFortris helps customers to concentrate on their business productivity. “Our MPLS platform decreases aggregate expense of proprietorship by merging voice, video and information onto a solitary, profoundly secure system,” says Evans.

Through MPLS, NetFortris can quantify network traffic flow and course it accordingly, while consequently directing business information activity to another association if the enterprise essential line fizzles. “Redundancy is automatically built into our resilient, self-healing network with alternate path routing if the primary route is unavailable,” adds Evans. Being a high-performance and extremely secure communication service, the company’s private MPLS network carries sensitive and regulated data for all types of enterprises. “We oversee convention layers, information packets and voice movement which helps us to mitigate data loss, package loss, inactivity, leading to the improvement of the stream through which secure information is fundamentally shared.” In addition, PCI-compliant security functionality within the NetFortris Enterprise Contact Center makes it workable for purchasers to utilize a protected virtual keypad to enter data.The innovation shields both the actual information and related tones from the specialists, making it feasible for clients to unquestionably lead exchanges through call centers.

Our MPLS platform decreases aggregate expense of proprietorship by merging voice, video and information onto a solitary, profoundly secure system

The company’s hosted solution makes it simple for organizations to manage a secure environment that protects their information, simplifies compliance, and keeps their business safe. “We achieve network performance optimization by providing firewall security, interruption identification, anti-virus and anti-malware protection services,” says Evans. NetFortris unified communication packages also contains other wide range of components like voice over IP (VoIP) with call administrations, registry services, and hybrid models utilizing SIP Trunking with a PBX framework on primus. “All our services are virtual, empowering organizations with the ability to modify it through their own portal,” notes Evans.

NetFortris solutions are innovative, flexible and seamlessly integrate to provide a unified, end-to-end platform for voice, data, video and applications. In one instance, NetFortris’s client Thorntons required a secure, PCI-compliant solution to process customer credit cards every day. They also needed to replace their outdated dial-up backup for mobile broadband, exchanging limited capabilities for airtight, cost-efficient contingency and disaster-recovery plans. NetFortris provided Thorntons with high network uptime requirements and provided PCI-compliant solutions that were both private and secure. “Our managed security and total control firewall ensured that our client could protect themselves and their customers,” assures Evans.

The company has continually redesigned and strengthened their portfolio, making it more robust and secure. Driven by development and thought leadership, NetFortris plans to ameliorate with the new trends and requirements, extending services that will assist telecom organizations to grow and innovate rapidly.