Pinnaca: Driving Collaboration Anytime, Anywhere

Pinnaca: Driving Collaboration Anytime, Anywhere

Dan Tanel, CTO, PinnacaDan Tanel, CTO
The world is moving at such a high-speed that being physically present at meetings, conferences and events is becoming a slowly vanishing trend. Today, communicating via video has an increasingly positive effect on reaching a new global level of business conduct for individuals and enterprises alike. The rapidly evolving business space for video collaboration lets people work easily and successfully from mobile and remote offices. Dan Tanel, CTO of Pinnaca, says, “Video is changing the way we integrate mobility applications into our architecture to deliver an end-to-end service that allows people to connect anywhere, anytime using any device.”

Pinnaca was launched in early 2016 following the merger of Video Guidance and BCS Global, two global visual communication services leaders. The merger strengthened the company’s impact in North America, Europe, and Asia and expanded its geographical boundaries, providing a stronger basis for growth and support for customers anywhere around the globe. Pinnaca provides an agnostic approach to the world’s best-in-breed technology, cementing itself as a major, global video player in the marketplace. Its managed and cloud-based service model helps drive visual communication and collaboration services into organizations and helps them transform the way they conduct business.

“What has been most explosive is extending the use of video outside of the boardroom and to the desktop user for corporate communications,” says Tanel. “We always consider the end-user first and then understand what the requirements are from the customer’s perspective before selecting and implementing the technology. Pinnaca is designed to help customers build solutions that are in sync with what they do as a business.”

As an example, the far-reaching extent of Pinnaca’s services has yielded success through applications in different verticals such as healthcare, education and the justice system, helping to design, deploy, adopt and support video solutions that connect doctors with patients, teachers with students and lawyers with clients.

Pinnaca is designed to help customers build tangible solutions that are directly in sync with their business performance

Tackling the challenges of user adoption, privacy and new technology oftentimes leaves customers investing in services with no return. Pinnaca has earned the status of becoming a trusted advisor to its customers by offering a highly regarded user adoption and global support program, accompanied by an all-around customer life-cycle program.

“Customer requirements change over time,” says Tanel. “Today, most businesses are moving away from the internal sourcing buying experience into managed services. Our customers no longer need to constantly manage their technology because we provide a global support system, consulting services and accessibility to cloud architecture through private networks.”

Tanel also emphasized that strategic partnerships are critical to Pinnaca.

“We are laser-focused on delivering managed video services that are complimentary to the network services providers, which are looking to have a video layer on the top of their network. For many years, we have maintained strong partnerships with the world’s top technology manufacturers, allowing us to build an enterprise service plus the architecture.”

Pinnaca has built its platform— fronted by a branded portal known as Pulse—to become an information highway that connects numerous disparate systems and allows Pinnaca access to the performance of a customer’s estate and exclusive use for provisioning, reporting, support and more. As importantly, Pulse gives customers access to their estates and connection to Pinnaca via this framework.

Pulse provides our customers with a single pane-of-glass view into the performance of their video estate. Pulse provides them with the business analytics they need to accelerate the usage and adoption of visual communications within their user community.