Pulsar360, Inc.: Holistic Unified Communications

Pulsar360, Inc.: Holistic Unified Communications

Robert Harrison, Jr. Chief Channel Officer, Pulsar360, Inc.Robert Harrison, Jr. Chief Channel Officer
As a 17 year established telecommunication provider and early proponent of cloud technology in the communications industry, Pulsar360, Inc. has evolved into a provider of a complete suite of solutions for the modern collaboration requirements of businesses. From cloud-based PBX hosting, premise-based PBX, SIP trunking, business continuity & disaster recovery, to carrier services, and their T38 HIPAA & PCI Compliant P360 Faxing - Pulsar360, Inc.’s offerings are tailored to integrate with any existing telephone system. With Robert Harrison, Jr., Chief Channel Officer, at the helm of their Channel, Pulsar360, Inc. is exploring new frontiers by taking their strategic channel program to great success in the unified communications landscape.

The firm’s range of on-premise and hybrid PBXs, for instance, combines the advantages of traditional telecommunications with the convergence of IP technology, offering feature-rich functionalities and flexibility to handle all business communication needs. “We have a full circle of hybrid UC solutions to address today’s customer requirements,” says Harrison. Pulsar360, Inc. offers carrier-grade services with dedicated high-capacity data, converged voice and data, and the Internet. The firm’s on-premise PBX coupled with hosted PBX takes client communications to the next level by connecting the client’s existing infrastructure to the internet. Through the hosted PBX solution, Pulsar360, Inc. cost-effectively addresses the massive bandwidth requirements of institutions such as municipalities and school districts. “We can localize the intercom and paging traffic on-premise to bring forth cost-effectiveness while leveraging hosted cloud to get to the PSTN,” says Harrison. “Our offerings also include a T38 based HIPAA and PCI compliant faxing platform.”

Recognizing the critical role of communication in every business, the firm’s solution portfolio encompasses business continuity and disaster recovery programs.

We have a full circle of hybrid UC solutions to address today’s customer requirements

These ensure the automated distribution and rerouting of calls with fail-over hosted PBX backup system providing the best line of defense in an event where the customer loses the ability to work from their existing location due to disasters or unforeseen events. “As a result of our wide breadth of offerings, we were recently awarded a contract for the state of Connecticut,” says Harrison.

The veterans at Pulsar360, Inc. believe that integration and implementation are the cornerstones to their success. Our authorized & certified Partners visit the customer site to validate the quality of internet connection, site topography and ensure a router with QoS and or firewall resides on the network. Harrison explains, “These elements that we call as the ‘three legs of the stool’ have to be addressed so that the solution works seamlessly in the client network.” Besides, the firm extends its flawless service to more than 150 innovative partners giving them full accesses to the back of the PBX and empowering them to provide the necessary support services to the end customers,” explains Harrison.

Pulsar360, Inc.’s holistic UC solutions play a stellar role in empowering businesses to stay connected and remain competitive. In a particular instance, a nationally recognized auto parts franchise group that owned 17 stores scattered around California needed to unify their communication system. The firm had a traditional Toshiba phone system that was still under lease. Because of Pulsar360, Inc.’s hybrid nature, they were able to use their Toshiba phone system, and add in their SIP trunks that connect to the Pulsar360, Inc. cloud system. This flawlessly allowed adding cloud-connected PBX to each of the stores providing scalability and great savings.

Taking its feature rich product suite to new heights, Pulsar360, Inc. has recently unveiled Zulu UC, which delivers Outlook and browser integration for Pulsar360, Inc. with built-in mobility, screen sharing, and the impending advanced CRM integration capability. Buoyant about the impact of its solutions in today’s communication-driven world, Harrison says, “We have already identified four states that we are laser-focused on to offer our comprehensive products and services in the coming days.”