Teo Technologies: Showcasing the Advantages of UC to the CIO

Teo Technologies: Showcasing the Advantages of UC to the CIO

Thomas Beck, Director of Marketing and Business Development, teo technologiesThomas Beck, Director of Marketing and Business Development
While there are endless critics who like to say a thing can’t be done, it is the brave who will actually go out and do it. Case in point? The story of Teo Technologies, who develop and manufacture industry-leading Unified Communications, Contact Center, Business VoIP, Secure VoIP, TSG-6, and E911 solutions for the commercial, government, defense, and intelligence markets. Beginning their journey in 1972 (and earlier known as Tone Commander Systems), Teo Technologies has become a familiar name to those in the telecom space. In other words, Teo has challenged convention and succeeded.

Teo’s UC solution in particular has allowed the company to position itself among the biggest names in the telecom arena. “Our solutions provide a viable alternative to Cisco and Avaya offerings, while being more affordable and easier-to-use than ShoreTel,” explains Thomas Beck, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Teo.

The firm’s UC solution is hyper-scalable and can be used in companies of all sizes. Adding to the CIO’s delight is the fact that the firm’s cloud and premises software is built on a single code base. It can now be deployed in a multi-tenant environment—a very exciting prospect for carriers looking for an alternative to Broadsoft for their core.

In a scenario where there is an increase in migrations to IPV6, the desire to get away from VPNs, the rise of mobile and web first interfaces, and the upgrading to full Gig E networking, Teo’s solutions are foolproof.

Our solutions provide a viable alternative to Cisco and Avaya offerings while being more affordable and easier to use than ShoreTel

Since the company’s solutions are utilized across the network and PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones, they are completely in accord with all of these transitions.

“We are also at a point in time where many of the leading vendors generate nearly as much revenue from support and services as they do from actual products. This may be seen by some as success, but we see it as a total failure to design a proper product,” says Beck. The firm took this as a challenge to build better products that required very little training to install and maintain. The result allowed organizations to realize their ROI projections. The team at Teo is focused on delivering powerful, resilient, and easy to use solutions in a singular platform, which results in faster development cycles and better, more flexible solutions.

Looking ahead, the firm will be rolling out its new integrated analytics offering in the days to come. “This really brings our UCC and contact center technology full circle,” Beck says, with a smile. He continues, “Customers have long been able to quickly modify their communications strategy using our solutions; with the new analytics suite, customers will also be able to garner real-time insights into those impacts, allowing them to innovate and adapt faster.”